About Us

BAM’s Children's Entertainment Inc. is a touring company that comes right to you! Our goal is take children on a theatrical journey that will help instill creative ways to building confidence, self respect for themselves and others; while dealing with difficult life situations.

BAM has 7 interactive shows to choose from that cater to ages 0-12, are socially relevant, age appropriate, interactive and fun!

Our theatrical team host productions in Schools, Community Centers, Theaters, Corporate Events, Libraries and even Birthday Parties!

BAM's content is more than our life size puppets, our groovy gale Aunty B in her roller skates shoes and our creative way to entertain. BAM Children's Entertainment Inc. provides your children and students with the opportunity to approach some of life's core challenges in a unique way that has long term effects, yet is presented and discussed in a safe, fun and interactive setting.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you mentor and heal the hearts of children who are struggling with academics, physical and mental wellness, and bullying.