Colette Brown, Teacher-Librarian 

Twentieth Street Junior School

On behalf of our students and staff, thank you very much for offering us this presentation. I was able to sit in on several portions of it and was very impressed by Khalilah performance.

She is an excellent storyteller who thoroughly engaged our students. In the discussions following each presentation, Khalilah was able to share her family's experience with the Underground Railroad and how they made their way to Nova Scotia. Khalilah directed us to the "Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia" website, for some further historical info.http://www.bccns.com/

Khalilah mentioned that there is a healthy choices/anti-bullying presentation in a similar format. We would be more than happy to have Khalilah back and will be considering this anti-bullying presentation when making our plans in the spring.”

Maleka Kaderbhai

Kingslake Road Public School

“Dear Khalilah,Thank you for the fantastic performance. All the students enjoyed it and were talking about how "cool" it was. The feedback from the teachers is that they thought it was fantastic, relevant and definitely engaging for the kids. THANK YOU for sharing this storytelling experience with us. We hope to have this storyteller experience for the students again next year.”